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Sevyn Streeter Calls On Chris Brown & A$AP Ferg For The Juicy “Guilty”


Sevyn Streeter, Chris Brown & A$AP Ferg


It’s not cheating if you had socks on when you slept with someone you weren’t supposed to, right?

People forget how f**king talented Sevyn Streeter is. She is a fantastic singer and a phenomenal writer. In “Guilty,” Sevyn Streeter uses two of her biggest skills for evil.

“Guilty” will either make you upset, anxious, uncomfortable, or lowkey amused. In the song, Sevyn Streeter, Chris Brown, and A$AP Ferg each talk about cheating their asses off. While Sevyn and Chris hit us with melodies and vocal performances that are beyond intoxicating, Ferg hits us with one of the sliest rap verses I’ve ever heard him put up.

Do you know how fast I would cancel my wife’s access to my Costco card if I found out that she was creeping on me? No less than two business days.

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