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DAX Holds No Punches In “Love Hurts.”




You have to love how emotional DAX comes across in his music.

DAX has been killing s**t as of late. Not only did he do work over Eminem’s “Rap God” beat a few days ago, but he also released a dope-ass song with Trippie Redd called “I Don’t Want Another Sorry” a couple of weeks ago. DAX’s latest release, “Love Hurts,” is a very riveting break-up song.

In “Love Hurts,” DAX calls out a chick that he used to mess with that did everything in her power to break his heart. Throughout the song, he raps calmly, angrily, and dementedly. He also drops lyrics that every single person that has had their heart broken will understand.

Listen to the very dramatic “Love Hurts” below.

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