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Benny The Butcher & El Camino Do Work On “Immunity”


Benny The Butcher & El Camino


“Immunity” is off Benny The Butcher and El Camino’s upcoming “Trust The Sopranos” compilation album.

Word around town is that Benny The Butcher has a classic album in his stash. That’s impressive to me considering how fantastic his last album was. To hold us off until it releases, Benny The Butcher decided to drop “Immunity,” a track that features carefree bars by both him and El Camino.

Benny The Butcher and El Camino sound like two dudes that would give sliced bread a run for its money on “Immunity.” Throughout the song, they hit us with savage-ass/braggadocios/violent lyrics, cocky deliveries, and impressive flows. While the former sounds slier than a muthaf**ka on his verse, the latter does infuse the song with some well-needed energy.

For the first time ever, I said “meh” to a Benny The Butcher verse (Hey, even LeBron James load manages every once in a while).


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