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CJ – Loyalty Over Royalty (Album Review)

 CJ proves that he is more than just a drill rapper on “Loyalty Over Royalty.”




3. BOP

“BOP” is the closest thing to a drill love song.

“BOP” features a drill beat that almost feels therapeutic. Over it, CJ switches between a smooth-talker and a dude that is ready to snatch the crown off a so-called king’s head. Personally, what I like about the song is that it features raps that are delivered in a way that is slier than a muthaf**ka.

Did CJ say he’s bringing his guys to a girl’s house so that they can have a menage in this song? (That’s an interesting menage)




“Politics” starts off Loyalty Over Royalty cockily, violently, and aggressively.

CJ lets folks know that he isn’t the one to mess with in “Politics.” In his verses, he talks about welcoming beef, committing crimes, and rolling with more hitters than Tom Brady. He also brags about running his city (I disagree, Andrew Yang is running New York City if you ask me)

You have to love the confidence that CJ raps with on “Politics.” Throughout the song, he makes sure to stuff his words with tons of oomph. I also think that he drops some pretty solid punchlines and sturdy flows on the song.




Whether you like it or not, “Whoopty” is one of the greatest drill songs of all-time.

“Whoopty” is such a hypnotizing banger, right? Not only does the song feature an instrumental that might make a snake come out of a vase in the hood, but it also features lyrics that are easy to comprehend, simple-ass flows, and a hook that will gas up even the nerdiest of folks.


1. POLITICS (3/5)

2. SET (3/5)

3. BOP (3/5)

4. WHOOPTY (4/5)

5. I’M LIT (2/5)

6. GOIN’ UP (3/5)

7. REAL ONE (3/5)





Does CJ have a bright future in the hip-hop game is the million-dollar question. While I think that he has serious potential, I do not think that he lives up to his potential on this EP.

Here are a few things that stood out to me about Loyalty Over Royalty.

  • CJ is more than just a drill rapper. While his best songs are drill bangers (“Politics,” “BOP,” and “Whoopty”), I was pleasantly surprised to hear his melodic side on the EP (He shows off his melodic side on “Real One” and “Outro (Blessings)”). Unfortunately, the songs that he showcased his melodic side sounded a little too generic for me.
  • CJ is one cocky dude. There isn’t a single song on Loyalty Over Royalty in which you don’t get braggadocios lyrics. You can tell that CJ is feeling himself these days, even though he still has a lot more to prove in the hip-hop game. With that being said, if this EP had more substance to it (I would’ve loved to hear him talk about his come-up more), it could’ve been so much better.
  • CJ sounds like a refined drill rapper. CJ has perfected the flows, the lyrics, the swagger, and the energy that is needed to stand out on a drill banger. If you ask me, he sounds like a mix between Young M.A. and Fivio Foreign.

CJ has the ‘IT’ factor. When he raps, he commands your ears. With such power, I hope that he finds a way to stand out from the rest of the rap pack a little more…

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