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Listen To “The Truth Hurts” By Drakeo The Ruler


Drakeo The Ruler

Guess what? Drake is on this album!

As I stated earlier today, Drakeo The Ruler has had his foot on the gas these last couple of years. Today, the California rapper decided to release The Truth Hurts, perhaps his most important release to date.

Drakeo The Ruler is one of those rappers that I believe will slap the saliva out of you if he has to. Not only did he do time in jail a couple of years ago, but he also gives off the aurora of someone that drinks nothing but quarter waters. With that being said, in The Truth Hurts, Drakeo hits us with both sly and grungy rap deliveries, both braggadocios and trill lyrics, and both unorthodox and steady flows. The album also features instrumentals that boast both West Coast and smooth vibes.

The Truth Hurts features Drake, Don Tolliver, Snap Dogg, and more.

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