Tyme, Lil Flip & Killa Kyleon


I almost had an asthma attack listening to “Holly Anna Lisa” (Mind you, I do not even have asthma).

Houston, stand the f**k up until you can’t stand up anymore! I know that these last couple of weeks have been rough, but even mother nature can’t stop y’all from getting to the money. Today, a brand new song called “Holly Anna Lisa” featuring three major players from the city, Tyme, Lil Flip, and Killa Kyleon, has hit streaming services. When I tell you that the song is hot, I mean that it is hotter than my Grandma’s rice and stew.

“Holly Anna Lisa” is powered by a hard-hitting/holy-sounding beat that you might hear at a church that serves lean during communion. Over it, Tyme, Lil Flip, and Killa Kyleon each hit us with outstanding flows, witty punchlines, and lyrics that only the bossiest, the trillest, the richest, and the most savage on this planet will be able to relate to.

The best thing about “Holly Anna Lisa” is that everyone featured on the song sounds gassed up like s**t. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone took shots of Bacardi 151 before they laid their verses down.