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“Ave Maria” By Symphonia Is As Captivating As It Gets



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Symphonia is a musical entity created by Raphael Dajafée in late 2019.

I can confidently say that there aren’t musical entities like Symphonia walking planet earth. The songs that they tend to make combine holy-sounding vibes with rockstar elements both seamlessly and effectively. One of Symphonia’s latest releases, “Ave Maria,” is a track that I think will blow you away.

“Ave Maria” sounds riveting from the moment that you press play on the song until the very end. It features an instrumental that is full of eccentric drum patterns and electrifying guitar play. The song also features vocal performances that are captivating, soul-clenching, and enthralling. By the time you are done listening to the song, you will feel like your soul was cleansed.

Listen to “Ave Maria” by Symphonia below.

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