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Drake – Scary Hours 2 (Review)

Drake hooks us up with “Scary Hours 2,” the perfect appetizer before “Certified Lover Boy.”





Drake starts off Scary Hours 2 bragging his ass off!

For those of you that think that Drake doesn’t go hard enough in his music, “What’s Next” will change your mind. Over a beat that blends trap vibes, hella bass, and old-school video game noises, Drake spits hard-hitting bars about his playboy, bossy, intelligent, and flossy ways. While he raps with a style that will make you want to shake your imaginary dreads, his braggadocios lyrics will definitely make you walk out sad if you are a broke-ass like me.




When Drake and Lil Baby link up these days, I don’t know who’s Batman anymore…

While there are moments in which “Wants And Needs” goes harder than a McNugget that was neglected, there are also moments in which it goes softer than Roy Hibbert in the paint. The song features a beat that makes me want to run a software update on my mean mug, but a soothing hook by Drake that will make you believe that he has Sweettarts where his heart used to be. The song also features verses by both Drake and Lil Baby that I’m pretty sure were written in a bando that doesn’t let people that smile enter it. As for lyrically, the two rappers talk about loving threesomes, swimming with sharks, and being GOATs in the song.




“Lemon Pepper Freestyle” will remind folks why a lot of people have Drake on their top 5 rappers of all-time lists.

“Lemon Pepper” is yet another song in which Rick Ross and Drake do a great job of sounding like boss figures that make money that is so high above our pay grades, they can legally s**t on us. It’s also another song in which the two rappers hit us with flows that won’t perk up if you hit it in the gut a few times and punchlines that you won’t understand after one listen.

Rick Ross started this song off and left it once he realized that Drake was going to win it by at least 30 points.


1. WHAT’S NEXT (4/5)






It’s officially Drake season (Fellas, time to bring out your vulnerable bags)! As we all wait for Certified Lover Boy, perhaps Drake’s most anticipated album to date, the uber-rich Canadian decided to gift us with a three-track EP that is insanely solid.

Unlike Scary Hours, Scary Hours 2 doesn’t feature any song that sounds remotely like “God’s Plan.” Instead, Drake decided to put his hard rapping hat on and hit us with nothing but obnoxious (In a good way) rap bangers. As expected, he still sounds like one of the best rappers in the game, but he also sounds like a dude that is still hella versatile, too (He hits us with a cold-ass rap banger, a trap banger, and a soulful hip-hop banger on the EP). All in all, my biggest takeaway from Scary Hours 2 is that Drake clearly believes he has a chip on his shoulder, so I’m expecting Certified Lover Boy to be great (I wanna see how holy this so-called 6GOD is)!

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2 thoughts on “Drake – Scary Hours 2 (Review)

  1. Good EP
    EP rating: 8/10
    Favorite track : What’s Next
    Least favorite track: Lemon Pepper Freestyle

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