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Azure Wolf Shines Bright On “Black Fur”


Azure Wolf


I got chills listening to “Black Fur.”

Azure Wolf is a female-fronted indie rock band (Victoria Backle established the band) from Winchester, VA. Even though they were formed just last year, their chemistry on songs makes it seem like they were making music together since they were toddlers. In anticipation of their upcoming album, the band decided to release “Black Fur,” a captivating tune that WILL strike a chord with you.

As far as I’m concerned, no one on Azure Wolf is a hypnotist; yet, while listening to “Black Fur,” I was under the band’s spell. The song features a hypnotizing instrumental that boasts drum patterns that will make you nod your head nonstop, intoxicating guitar-play, and a tempo that starts to pick up its pace towards the end. The song also features a boisterous/passionate vocal performance and lyrics that promote resiliency, fearlessness, and good outfits in the most invigorating way possible (Victoria, since when did you and my heart become such good friends?).

“Black Fur” will be hitting streaming services on April 9th!

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