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Jeezy & Shawty Redd Reunite For “Back To The Basics”

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How many times is Jeezy going to tell folks that he is back?

I think that we can all agree that Jeezy’s The Recession 2 album was a success. I will say this, though: It didn’t give me flashbacks to the music that he used to make in his prime. Today, Shawty Redd decided to release “Back To The Basics” on his Instagram account, a vintage-sounding Jeezy track.

“Back To The Basics” features a spooky/piano-laced trap beat that might f**k around and make you hide under your bed. Over it, Jeezy reminds folks about his street ties, his drug-dealing ways, his boatloads of money, and his ability to grind his ass off when his back is against the wall. Interestingly, the Atlanta rapper spits his bars in a very unconventional way in the song (He starts and stops more than my BMW).

Give “Back To The Basics” a shot below.

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