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Brent Faiyaz Uplifts Women In “Show U Off”

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Brent Faiyaz


Just in case you forgot, March is Women’s History Month.

As someone who was raised by a black mother, who has a black sister, and who has a black wife, I probably appreciate Women’s History Month a little too much. With that being said, I think it’s a beautiful thing to hear men prop their women up every chance they get. Today, Brent Faiyaz decided to release “Show U Off,” a song that should make women feel a little more protected.

“Show U Off” is yet another mesmerizing R&B joint by Brent Faiyaz. The song features a magical instrumental, an absolutely amazing vocal performance (Brent Faiyaz shows off his range on this song), and most importantly, lyrics that pay homage to women worldwide.

Listen to the very impressive “Show U Off” below.

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