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Kid Ink Returns With “Red Light”

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Kid Ink


Why isn’t Kid Ink bigger?

On the real, Kid Ink is one of the first people that introduced me to melodic raps. Since that time, there has been millions of melodic rap records that have released. With that being said, today, Kid Ink decided to release “Red Light,” a mean-ass banger that features, you guessed it, mad melodies!

Kid Ink talks hella s**t in “Red Light.” Not only does he call out folks that are trying to take over his city, but he also reminds folks that he usually smokes on the strongest s**t and that he smashes top-notch chicks. While you’re going to f**k with the sly-ass melody that he toys with in the song, don’t sleep on his clever punchlines.

Listen to “Red Light” below.

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