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Lil Yachty Does Some Major Work In “No More Beatboxing Freestyle”

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Lil Yachty


Lil Yachty does whatever he wants these days.

Contrary to popular belief, I love me some Lil Yachty! While I’m not a fan of his rapping skills, I do like the enthusiasm that he brings to the rap game. Today, Yachty decided to release “No More Beatboxing Freestyle,” a song that will remind you how so-so but charming of a rapper that he is.

In “No More Beatboxing Freestyle,” Lil Yachty spits bars over both “No More Parties” by Coi Leray and “BeatBox” by that dude with the hair (I can’t remember his name). In the former, Yachty, unfortunately, does some singing, while in the latter, he raps like a dude that just got a wisdom tooth pulled. In both songs, he hits us with lyrics that will make you think that he is the best thing since sliced bread from Jimmy Johns.

Listen to “No More Beatboxing Freestyle” below.

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