24kGoldn shines in “El Dorado” (Of course he shines in the album, he has gold in his name).




“Coco” is the perfect pop-rock/emo-rap/commercial-trap hit! The song features a vocal performance by 24KGoldn that is edgy, soulful, and fearless, and gritty-ass raps by DaBaby. Since the two artists talk about women that are flakier than a homemade biscuit in the song, you can also call “Coco” a petty banger, too.

Do y’all hear remnants of “Rockstar” on this song, too?




24kGoldn and Future prove to the world that they are cooler than both Draymond Green and Jayson Tatum’s Subway sandwiches in “Company.”

Matter of fact, 24kGoldn and Future might be two of the coolest muthaf**kas on Captain America’s planet earth. In “Company,” they talk about having stellar dance moves, the best drugs, and tons of respect from folks in their respective hoods. While 24kGoldn sounds like a dude that thinks that can take on SubZero in the song, Future sounds like a dude that has poison in his glands (The negro says so much toxic s**t in the song).




How great of an introduction to 24kGoldn does “The Top” provide (That’s a rhetorical question)?

As soon as you press play on El Dorado, you get a chance to hear how versatile 24kGoldn is. Throughout the song, he hits us with flows your favorite rappers would utilize, magical melodies, and a sneaky-good vocal performance. As for lyrically, he does a great job of showing the world that he’s ready for all of the f**kery, the scandalous women, and the money that comes with having a number one hit.



2. 3, 2, 1

“3, 2, 1” is juicier than an episode of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. In the song, 24kGoldn calls out his chick for being flakier than a Nigerian telemarketer.

Though 24 doesn’t let his anger destroy the melodies, the uptempo vibes, and the exhilarating instrumental that powers “3, 2, 1,” at the end of the day, the lyrics in the song will resonate with you the most because we’ve all dealt with bucketheads in our lives.

I’m guessing that 24kGoldn’s Valentine’s Day wasn’t that great…




“Mood” is special. There is a reason why it was one of the best releases of 2020.

“Mood” is a very petty, youthful, catchy, rock-ish, hip-hop-ish, black-ish, white-ish, and lively song. Even though it is about exposing lovers that act too attached/bi-polar, somehow, someway, when the song comes on, you’re going to gleefully sing along and/or bounce to it.

Toxic-ass Future would know exactly what to do with a woman that was in a mood… Control her without a remote!


1. THE TOP (4/5)

2. COMPANY (4/5)

3. LOVE OR LUST (4/5)


5. COCO (4/5)


7. BREATH AWAY (3/5)


9. 3, 2, 1 (4/5)

10. EMPTY (3/5)

11. CUT IT OFF (4/5)

12. DON’T SLEEP (4/5)

13. MOOD (5/5)




I am very impressed with the performance that 24kGoldn put up on this album. To me, he proved to the world that he should not be put in a pop box. With that being said, I can confirm with you that El Dorado IS NOT the second-coming of Illmatic.

I LIKE the following things about El Dorado:

  • How versatile it sounds. In El Dorado, 24kGoldn blesses us with a sly rap banger (“The Top”), an exhilrating trap banger (“Company”), white people music (40% of the album), and whatever the hell that you want to call “Coco.” While he never quite sheds his edgy pop voice, he does at least prove that he can go toe-to-toe with any most styles of music that you throw at him (I’ll say “any” style of music when I hear the dude make a reggaeton hit).
  • I love how the album mainly tackles the good and bad that comes with being in a relationship. Since the streets are done (According to Jay-Z), I don’t want to hear these young whippersnappers talk about how many people they shot. I rather hear them spill their hearts out about their weak-ass relationships. With that being said, I love how 24kGoldn continously talks about the struggles that come with dating a superstar like him. While some may think that his lyrical content tends to be on the petty side, answer me this: What 21-year-old do you know that isn’t type-C petty?
  • The guests that feature on the album put up near perfect performances. I loved Future’s verse on “Company,” DaBaby’s verse on “Coco,” and iann dior’s contributions to “Mood.” In my opinion, each person did a great job of playing 24k’s grungy/daring translators. I also love how 24k didn’t jampack this album with stupid/random features (I feel like he definitely could have).
  • The hooks that 24kGoldn crafts up on this album are fantastic! While I won’t quite call 24k an amazing singer, I do think that the hooks he gifted us with on El Dorado are all pretty good! When you are capable of creating melodies that will get stuck in your head quickly, being a hook-killer is something that makes sense.

I DO NOT LIKE the following things about El Dorado:

  • I do not think that this album will age well. If you want to make a classic debut album, I think you have to think farther than the present times. While I f**king love a bunch of the songs on El Dorado, I can see myself disregarding them in the near future once a 24kGoldn doppleganger that knows how to mimick his style comes out with an album that is more dynamic than this one.

In conclusion, I think this: El Dorado isn’t an album that will blow you away; it’s an album that is simply a lot of fun to listen to.

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