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Juha Jyrkäs Impresses In “Honkajuurella asunto”


Juha Jyrkäs

“Honkajuurella asunto” is the definition of a stunningly dramatic song.

Juha Jyrkäs is a Finnish heavy metal musician that has found a way to replace electric guitars and bass in his music with electric kantele and bass kantele. He’s also a horror writer in Finland. Sydämeni Kuusipuulle is Jyrkäs’ debut album (An album that features no guitars, bass, keyboards, or drums). One track from the album that will catch your attention is “Honkajuurella asunto.”

“Honkajuurella asunto” is a very touching track. It is filled with riveting vibes, passionate vocals, both easygoing and fast tempos, and instrument-play that will send chills down your spine (Juha relies on electric kantele, bass kantele, and percussion in the song). All in all, I think that Juha’s ability to connect with listeners’ emotions is very impressive.

Listen to “Honkajuurella asunto” by Juha Jyrkäs below.

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