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Listen To “Freedom” By Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber

“Freedom” is Justin Bieber’s third project in two weeks (If you are a Justin fan, you have been properly fed).

Do you know what I love about Justin Bieber these days? He’s in the news for his music way more than he is in the news for the stupid s**t that he does from time to time. Matter of fact, as I think about it, Justin doesn’t do stupid s**t at all anymore (Hailey Baldwin, you are a lifesaver). With that being said, on Easter Sunday, Justin surprised us with Freedom, an EP that features an Afropop track, a rap track, a pop track, and a blues track. Every track on the EP is instilled with Christian themes.

Freedom features guest appearances from Brandon Love, Chandler Moore, Pink Sweat$, Judah Smith, Tori Kelly, and Lauren Walters.

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