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π•Žπ”Έπ•π”Όπ•Š 𝕆𝔽 π”Ήπ•ƒπ•Œπ”Ό

Majid Jordan

ℝ𝔾𝕄 ℝ𝔸𝕋𝕀ℕ𝔾 (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Holy s**t, I completely forgot that Majid Jordan existed!

The last time that we heard a full album from Majid Jordan was 2017 (Man, those were the days… My hemorrhoids were not as bad back then). Well, the duo decided to make their triumphant return to the music scene with “Waves Of Blue,” a song that sounds like your stereotypical Majid Jordan song. (Which means a song that also sounds like your stereotypical The Weeknd song)

“Waves Of Blue” is all romantic and s**t. Throughout it, the lead singer of Majid Jordan talks about being in love so much, he hopes to one day drown in it (Yuck). While the song features smooth dance vibes (I would probably do a slight two-step or shake one of my ass cheeks to it), it does feature melodies that will make you close your eyes and a vocal performance that is beyond soothing.

The music video to “Waves Of Blue” (Which you can see below) might be the most low-budget s**t I’ve ever seen. I think it gets the job done, though.

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