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Sophia Treadway Sounds So Unbothered In “I’m Good”


Sophia Treadway

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“I’m Good” is my favorite anthem of 2021 by a mile.

Sophia Treadway is a Los Angeles-based actress, singer, and dancer that has superstar written all over her. Not only do I love her voice, but based on the songs that she has released thus far, I can also tell that she has a knack for making undeniable pop hits. One of Sophia’s latest singles, “I’m Good,” will make you fall in love with her style.

“I’m Good” is the kind of track that will make you dance your butt off, but also the kind of track that will make you tell your ex to kick rocks like they were going hiking. While the song features an instrumental that is both vibrant and sunny, and a vocal performance that is both fiery and irresistible, it also features lyrics that will empower anyone that is truly and fully over someone that they used to date. The combination of all the different feelings this song gives off makes for one of the most curative pop hits you would hear today.

Listen to “I’m Good” by Sophia Treadway below.






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