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Hec Veteranii Shows That He Knows How To Role With The Best Of Them On “Liability”

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Hec Veteranii


I wouldn’t be surprised if the lights went off in the studio once Hec Veteranii started spittin’ (He shuts s**t down in this song).

Hec Veteranii is a Connecticut-born hip-hop artist that also has a background in R&B. You can tell that he is nice in both genres because the way he mixes melodies with hard-hitting raps in his music is exceptional. In Hec’s latest single, “Liability,” he does everything in his power to turn you into a believer of his style.

I just have one question for Hec Veteranii: Is he sure he’s from Connecticut? I know that he says he is, but you can’t tell me that “Liability” doesn’t have a signature New York beat and shares similarities to the type of music that one of New York’s best, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, makes (Okay, I rest my case). Anywho, throughout the song, Hec raps passionately about being loyal to people in his life who do not show him the same courtesy; a topic that seems more and more relevant as time goes by. While the melody that he gifts us with is noteworthy, man, the focus and aggression that he raps with is pretty stunning.

Listen to “Liability” and let us know what you think! Also, make sure you check out Hec Veteranii on Spotify, Instagram, and Youtube!






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