Big Bus Dream Tells a Personal Story of Self-Reflection With “Giant In My Mind”

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Big Bus Dream

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Big Bus Dream get deep in their feelings with this alternative rock track.

Multi-talented artist Mike Shannon is the founder of Big Bus Dream (2006) and 4th Ward (2000). He is a product of CBGB’s post-punk scene. Chick Tsikouras is a musical artist with a unique sound developed during his time working with Pat Metheny and The Mamas & The Papas. Big Bus Dream’s latest release is the introspective work “Giant In My Mind.” The track is described as a “personal journey of reflection,” and it dives right into some heavy emotions musing on hopes and dreams of a younger self.

The lyrics feel quite personal and intimate, some memorable lines that stick out, “Memories grow cold. I believe we never thought we’d get old. Never thinking it would end.” There’s a folksy vibe to the song as well as a classic rock quality complimented by raspy vocals. It is an interesting listen for anyone who enjoys an alternative rock style and is looking for something different. Still, the weight of reality sinking in as the youthful belief of conquering the world fades does feel a bit depressing. However, not living the life you thought you would is the reality of many, and after all, we all get old at some point.

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