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Coi Leray Stiff Arms Her Haters In “Bout Me”

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Coi Leray


Playgirl Carti?

Whether you like her or not, you have to admit, Coi Leray has become a major player in the hip-hop game. Well, with popularity comes critics, right? Today, Coi decided to release “Bout Me,” a track in which she gives her critics the middle finger.

I don’t love the high-pitched vocals, the shaky flows, or the basic lyrics that Coi Leray hits us with in “Bout Me.” I do sort of like how she bounces all over the outer-space-ish trap beat that powers the song. At the end of the day, I think “Bout Me” will sound far better once we’re all cured of the PTSD that Whole Lotta Red gave us.

Coi Leray sounds like a combination of a whole bunch of people (I’m not sure that is a good thing).

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