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Plies & Yung Bleu Link Up For “Nasty Nasty”

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Plies & Yung Bleu

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Remember when Plies used to have at least one provocative-ass hit a year?

In his heyday, Plies was really good at making music that catered to both freaks and romantics. While he’s more so a social media guy these days, his latest release, “Nasty Nasty” with Yung Bleu, tells me that he still has a little left in the tank.

I really like the hook that Yung Blue blesses “Nasty Nasty” with (It straddles the line between gangsta and smooth magnificently). I don’t quite love Plies’ rapping style in the song (He sounds a little too molesty for me), but I do f**k with his brash/unadulterated lyrics. All in all, “Nasty Nasty” is a nice little hood love song that I think plenty of people will f**k with.

Listen to “Nasty Nasty” by Plies and Yung Bleu below.

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