Will Francis

Will Francis blesses us with hip-hop, rock, country, and folk music in “The Best Of…”

Will Francis is the definition of a versatile rapper/singer/songwriter. Not only is he capable of spitting bars with the best of them, but he is also capable of making irresistible rock, country, and folk music. In The Best Of…, one of his latest projects, Will caters to so many different kinds of listeners.

The very first track you will hear as soon as you press play on The Best Of… is “Busta U-Turn,” a hard-hitting west coast-inspired banger. From there, you will be served with “Pink Ribbons,” a very deep country track; “Turn The Screw,” an edgy rock track; a smooth hip-hop banger called “Short Money;” and a semi-romantic trap banger called “Chill With This.” When it’s all said and done, I think that it is impressive that Will is able to wear so many different hats on this album.

Listen to The Best Of… below. Also, check out the music video to “Got Some Country.”




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