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Russ Flexes His Boss “STATUS” In New Single

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Make sure that you love your better half just as much as Russ loves himself.

If you are an aspiring boss, I recommend that you take notes every time you listen to a Russ track. Yes, he brags his ass off in a good chunk of his raps, but he also does a good job of revealing the steps he took to get to where he is today. Unfortunately, Russ brags his ass off in “STATUS.”

It doesn’t quite sound like Russ is trying in “STATUS.” Throughout the song, he uses a laidback style of rapping. As for lyrically, Russ makes sure to let the world know that he doesn’t sweat chicks, haters, or ulcers. While I don’t quite love the song (It’s a little boring), I do like how it stays true to his brand.

Listen to “STATUS”  below.

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