Two of California’s finest, YG and Mozzy, link up for the very impressive “Kommunity Service.”





YG & Mozzy do their best 50 Cent impersonations in “Gangsta.”

Fun fact: I do not like the “Wanksta” beat (That s**t sounds a little too wacky for me). Obviously, I know nothing, because the song is a major f**king hit. In “Gangsta,” the very first track you will hear when you press play on Kommunity Service, both YG and Mozzy give us their version of “Wanksta.” 

I’m not sure if “Gangsta” is more gangsta than “Wanksta.” What I can tell you is that both YG and Mozzy throw out some pretty impressive flows and trill-ass lyrics in the former. Matter of fact, by the time you are done listening to the track, you will know that the two rappers are rich as hell, down to do time, and unbelievably underrated.

I’m not going to lie, the nostalgia this song provided me with is what made me want to talk about it. 


5. MAD

“MAD” is about the snatching up of women by dudes and women that are cooler than us.

“MAD” is one of those disrespectful club hits that folks will love. Throughout the song, YG, Mozzy, and featured guest Young M.A. talk about wooing our chicks with their hood-authentic, carefree, and vulgar styles. While I am not about to co-sign the three rappers’ content in the song (I ain’t no sucka), I will say this: I like the hook YG drops and I love how sly Young M.A. comes across on her verse.

If you take my chick, be prepared to watch a whole lotta Housewives shows (Yea, how do you like that, thieves?).




YG, Mozzy, and G-Herbo each show off their heinous sides in “Dangerous.”

I don’t believe a lot of rappers when they say that they are about that life; I believe everyone featured in “Dangerous,” though. Over a beat that has a helluva tempo and semi-dark vibes, YG, Mozzy, and featured guest G-Herbo talk about chasing down ops, being gang-affiliated, and rolling with shooters. While Herbo comes across as villainous in his verse, YG and Mozzy come across as killers that move in silence like the ‘i’ automobile.




For casual YG and Mozzy fans, I think “Drop A Location” will resonate with you.

I would love to hear “Drop A Location” in a club. The song features a hook by featured guest A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie that I think is way too appealing to ignore (A Boogie is back to killing hooks again, folks). As for YG and Mozzy, they do good jobs of blessing us with lyrics that promote hood love and porno-Esque moves (They didn’t need to do much to make this song a hit).




“Toot It Up” will make a non-vaccinated person risk it all by going to a strip club that doesn’t practice social distancing rules.

“Toot It Up” has two certifications: It’s West Coast certified and strip club certified. Not only does the song feature an exhilarating beat that screams out California, but it also features a hook that will make a stripper with a sprained ankle toughen up and hit us with some crazy-ass moves, and verses by YG, Mozzy, and featured guest Tyga that will let you know exactly how to treat one-night-stands, exotic dancers, and women who are enamored with men that love violence.

To be completely honest with you, I act too bizarre in strip clubs, so I stopped going…




I’ve been f**king with “Perfect Timing” for a few months.

“Perfect Timing” is smooth as hell. The song is powered by this calm beat that knocks every once in a while. Over it, Blxst hits us with a hook that is both infectious and pure, Mozzy hits us with a trill-ass verse that promotes loyalty, and YG hits us with a verse that will remind you how successful he is. When you combine everything that I just mentioned, you end up with a nice little bop that you can play while you’re laying out on a beach and s**t.


1. GANGSTA (4/5)

2. DANGEROUS (4/5)


4. MAD (4/5)

5. VIBE WITH YOU (3/5)


7. TOOT IT UP (4/5)

8. FIRST 48 (4/5)

9. BITE DOWN (4/5)





Extremely solid is how I would describe Kommunity Service.

If you are familiar with YG and Mozzy’s catalog, you know that they are more than capable of dropping riveting street bangers. With that being said, on Kommunity Service, I feel like the two rappers focus on making club hits, strip club hits, hood-romantic hits, and laidback hits. While YG and Mozzy never really shift to their highest gear rapping-wise on the album (To be completely honest with you, I don’t remember many Mozzy lyrics from the album), I think they knock it out of the park when it comes to hitting us with appealing lyrics and catchy hooks. In other words, the two rappers excel doing exactly what all of the other commercial rappers in the game are doing today on Kommunity Service.

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1 thought on “YG & Mozzy – Kommunity Service (Album Review)

  1. Good album
    Album Rating: 7/10
    Favorite Tracks: MAD (best track easily), Gangsta, Dangerous
    Least Favorite Track: Perfect Timing

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