Alonestar & Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne has been linking up with everyone and their mother as of late.

Seriously, I’ve heard Lil Wayne on songs by Polo G, Nicki Minaj, DMX, Birdman, and more in the last couple of days. It’s clear that the Louisiana rapper is a fan of today’s music. Wayne’s latest collaboration is “Cookin’ Up” with UK rapper Alonestar.

I do not know who Alonestar is (Supposedly, he is Ed Sheeran’s cousin). Whatever the case may be, I am not a fan of his wishy-washy flows or elementary lyrics in “Cookin’ Up.” I am also not a fan of the song’s low audio quality, the beat, or Lil Wayne’s mailed-in/lazy-ass verse (Lil Wayne sounds like he doesn’t want to be on the song). What I do kind of f**k with is the hook Wayne blesses us with.

What the f**k is this weak-ass bulls**t (This song actually put me in a bad mood)?

2 thoughts on “Alonestar Calls On Lil Wayne For “Cookin’ Up”

  1. no one asked your opinion stupid ass motherfucker.. you dont know shit about music obviously, get a life man, wasting your time tryna get noticed.. literally no comments.. your wack! give up lol!!!!!!!!!

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