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Get lost in waves of euphoria with the stimulating dance beats of “COCOON.”

RESCAP (aka R. Ducatillon) is a talented songwriter and producer from France that makes both pop and electro music. In the ’90s, RESCAP achieved international success and collaborated with European artists such as CJ Wilson, Alpha Base, Holy Ghost, and Pleasure Games. His success continued with a worldwide platinum album in ’98 followed by features in blockbuster movies and worldwide television shows like Scooby-Doo, Malcolm in the Middle, and E.T. Due to his success, RESCAP moved to the US, but unfortunately, in 2010, he went back to France for medical care. After recovering, he’s now back to working on his music. His latest release is the single “COCOON.”

This trance-style dance track moves through a series of atmospheric waves and captivating beats. There’s an overall laidback vibe with a bit of an edge to “COCOON,” as each build-up to the next drop only furthers the transformation journey. The repetitive loops are super catchy, and the slight change in each shift feels satisfyingly engaging without removing you from an infectious hypnotic state. Fans of trance will love getting lost in “COCOON.”




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