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Yung Bleu Shows Off His Vulnerable Side In “Don’t Lie To Me”

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Yung Bleu


Yung Bleu knows exactly what he wants from his main chick (Can’t be mad at that).

Every time I listen to a Yung Bleu track, I start to get mad at all of my exes all over again. In his music, the Alabama rapper does a really good job of playing the part of a jilted male lover. In Bleu’s latest single, “Don’t Lie To Me,” he talks about demanding obedience from a chick that he is involved with.

“Don’t Lie To Me” doesn’t completely sound emotional. The track actually features an upbeat instrumental and a boisterous vocal performance. Where the sappiness comes in is with Bleu’s hood romantic lyrics. With that being said, you might be able to shake your ass to the song; just make sure that you have a tissue in your hand.

I think that I will like this track more if Yung Bleu took it easy on the auto-tune.

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