LPB Poody, Lil Wayne & MoneyBagg Yo

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“Batman” was clearly made in 2007 (You can’t fool me, LPB Poody).

LPB Poody (What a name) is an up-and-coming rapper from Florida that has a viral hit record called “Batman” on his hands. Today, a remix to the blazing hot song featuring Lil Wayne and MoneyBagg Yo has hit streaming services.

I don’t know how the hell LPB Poody was able to secure both Lil Wayne and MoneyBagg Yo for this remix to “Batman.” Whatever the case may be, the two superstar rappers shine bright by hitting us with slick punchlines and trill sentiments galore. Matter of fact, Wayne actually sounds like his old self in the song.

Listen to “Batman (Remix)” below.

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