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“Let’s Talk About Love” features a captivating mix of soulful vocals and striking melodies meant to empower the defeated. 

Vancouver artist Chersea makes a unique style of electro-pop music that feels bold yet lighthearted. Her music is inspired by her personal experiences and is meant to help listeners feel connected to themselves and others. Chersea’s latest project is the upcoming EP Divine Comedy which is set to release later this month. She describes her upcoming work as providing a new perspective for who she has become. “Let’s Talk About Love” is a single release for the upcoming EP.

According to Chersea, the electro-pop single was written during a time of “pure resentment and anger.” Made up of soulful explosive vocals and electrifying sounds meant to uplift the broken-hearted, it’s definitely translated as a passion-filled piece with an empowering message. Snappy tones and catchy melodies smoothly accent the scorn and resentment of Chersea’s lyrics perfectly without ever overwhelming the vocals. “Let’s Talk About Love” is the perfect pop single for feeding the darker side of romantic emotions.

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