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RGM Presents: Top 5 Migos Songs

In celebration of their soon-to-be-released third album, “Culture III,” we’re taking the time to look at all of the musical gifts the Migos have given us. Throughout their 10 year career, they’ve released singles, mixtapes, and albums alike that had a grip on all of us and would not let go. Clearly, they’re aware of their affect on the musical climate, hence Culture I,II and III. Without further adieu, here are the Migos Top 5 songs.





The year this song came out, it was played over, over, and over again; there’s a reason for that.

The beat, the cadence, and the ad-libs came together to form the perfect concoction.




The second coming of Hannah Montana.

Every adult who was once a Disney child in love with the show Hannah Montana was reminded of her existence. I hope she paid Migos their dues for her career resurrection. It took us a long time to stop chanting: HANNAH MONTANA, HANNAH MONTANA!




It’s the ad-libs for me. When people know them as well as any other lyric, that’s how you know you’ve done something special.

This song, more specifically the chorus, was the anthem for a long time; regardless if you could relate to the lyrics or not.





This was a hard decision considering all of the bangers they have, but the chorus is what solidified the spot.

This song did exactly what it was supposed to do: It made us all feel handsome and wealthy; especially in the club with the lights low and a little bit of alcohol in our systems.




“Bad And Boujee” comes in at number one for what I hope are obvious reasons.

We all know as soon as we hear “young rich rich n*ggas,” it’s going up. On top of it being one of the most iconic Migos songs, for a song that was released in 2016, it still stands up against the songs coming out today.

One thought on “RGM Presents: Top 5 Migos Songs

  1. Top 5:

    1. Bad and Boujee
    2. Get Right Witcha
    3. T-Shirt
    4. Superstar
    5. Kelly Price

    Least favorite: Flooded

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