Tyler, The Creator Makes His Triumphant Return To The Music Scene With “LUMBERJACK”

Mixtape Tyler is back, y’all (There’s a such thing as mixtape, Tyler, right?)!


Tyler, The Creator


Mixtape Tyler is back, y’all (There’s a such thing as mixtape Tyler, right?)!

Tyler, The Creator released Goblin in 2011, Wolf in 2013, Cherry Bomb in 2015, Flower Boy in 2017, and IGOR in 2019. If my math is correct, he should be releasing a new album in 2022! To get us hyped up for his potential new album, the former Odd Future honcho decided to release the short but sweet “LUMBERJACK.”

“LUMBERJACK” is harder than a McNugget that grew up without a father figure. It features this earth-shattering old school hip-hop beat that any killer MC that has ever walked on GOD’s green earth would annihilate, DJ Drama adlibs, and tough-ass bars by Tyler, The Creator that will remind you that he’s a wifey-stealing/luxury car-driving/competitive nutcase. I’m all for the smoke Tyler brings on this song.

Tyler must have a really good relationship with Columbia Records (Playboi Carti, take notes).

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