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Travie McCoy

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Yes, I was a big Gym Class Heroes fan.

I am old enough to remember when people called Tyga ‘Travie McCoy’s cousin.’ Nowadays, they call Tyga “Tyga,” and that is because Travie McCoy vanished from the spotlight several years ago. Today, the former Gym Class Heroes honcho decided to return to the music scene with “A Spoonful Of Cinnamon,” a track that somewhat explains where he’s been these last couple of years.

Everything about this song struck a chord with me: The somber instrumental, the infectious hook, and most importantly, Travie McCoy’s deep-ass lyrics about losing family members, losing friends, and almost losing his own life. As a major fan of Gym Class Heroes, it’s a blessing and a curse that we get to hear Travie sound this way (I’m actually glad that he’s still alive and well).

Don’t forget, Travie McCoy used to date Katy Perry.

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