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Dear Sara Reveals Her Deepest Desires With “Stupid Things”

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Dear Sara

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“Stupid Things” is an uplifting alternative pop track that showcases Dear Sara’s gorgeously memorable voice.

Swedish rising alternative pop singer Dear Sara is an artist who has never stopped chasing her dreams. Her musical journey has taken her from Karesuando, Sweden all the way to Atlanta and LA, where she’s collaborated with other songwriters and producers in the industry. Her new track, “Stupid Things,” is a song off of her latest EP, I’m Not That Sad 🙁. According to Dear Sara, she hopes that listeners connect with “Stupid Things,” whether they’re single or married; in love or heartbroken.

Dear Sara’s distinctive and mesmerizing vocals are easily the most captivating piece of “Stupid Things.” The song dives deep into her innermost desires with lyrics that reflect on personal desires and feel universally relatable to various circumstances. Overall, the tone of the track is uplifting and atmospheric. Outside of Dear Sara’s airy vocals, the upbeat sound varies from soft moments to expressive strikes. “Stupid Things” is a unique pop infusion that’s definitely worth adding to your summer playlist.

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