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Monét Shines In Various Ways In “Catfish”

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If you’re looking for your latest music obsession, stop the search, Monét has your back! She delivers strong vocals, compelling lyrics, and a unique beat all on her latest single, “Catfish.”

Monét is a pop artist from Orange County, CA. At an early age, she was featured on Kidz Bop. A few years later, she started doing background vocals for major artists. These days, Monét is doing her solo thing, and “Catfish,” her latest single, will show you why we are very high on her.

It’s becoming more popular within modern music to use non-instrument items to either create or help enhance a beat. The item Monét uses in “Catfish could be a number of items, but one thing that’s for sure is that, whatever it is, elevates the song. As a listener, it caught my attention within a few seconds and made me eager to hear more. In addition to the beat, throughout the song, Monét’s personality shines through. The emotion her voice conveys brings a relatable quality to the grand scheme of things. “Catfishis definitely a track worth listening to.

Show Monét some love by checking out “Catfish” below.




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