The Urban Renewal Project & Vic Mensa 


“Will to Survive” will have you feeling like a hero. 

The Urban Renewal Project, which started as a high school talent show act, is a sixteen-piece big band featuring guest vocalists with each new song they release. The L.A.-based group creates a genre-bending mix of jazz, soul, and hip-hop, all while blending the polish of modern pop with the invigorating energy of live ensembles. For their latest project, they team up with Vic Mensa to create the record and music video, “Will to Survive” as part of a collaboration on new manga Posse Comitatvs

The song opens with the powerful call of a horn grabbing your attention and it doesn’t let go. The mix of big band and rap may not be your go-to now, but it will be after listening to this song. Urban Renewal Project blends with Vic Mensa’s verses so well you’ll think they’ve always worked together. “Will to Survive” sounds like the anthem for a protagonist whose story I’m dying to know.

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