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Nardo Wick – Who Is Nardo Wick? (Album Review)

Nardo Wick translates his TikTok fame into a solid debut in “Who Is Nardo Wick?” (This review features the deluxe version).




Honorable Mention. Power

Hit-Boy hooks Nardo Wick up with one of his better beats in “Power.”

As someone who often craves power, I can honestly say that “Power” resonated with me quite a bit. Though Nardo talks about having killers, guns, and a really bad temper in the song (Things that I don’t know anything about), I f**k with his lyrics about bossing up every chance that he gets. Aside from some of Nardo’s content, I definitely f**k with the uber demented beat that Hit-Boy hooks the Jacksonville rapper up with.



5. Alley Cat

I’m pretty sure Beethoven’s ghetto cousin did the beat for this song.

“Alley Cat” is one of the few songs in which Nardo Wick DOES NOT talk about his gun; instead, he talks about ducking a dusty-ass chick that probably smells like Funions and has a season pass to The Jerry Springer Show.

I just feel like this track is way too explosive to ignore. It also features a beat that I think is fire.



4. Wicked Freestyle

I don’t care about Nardo’s raps on “Wicked Freestyle,” but I absolutely love the song’s beat and hook. Both go so f**king hard!

Can we throw Herbo on “Wicked Freestyle” just for kicks?

3. Me Or Sum

“Me Or Sum” is harder than trying to clean a bathtub with Comet.

While “Me Or Sum” starts off with a passionate vocal performance by Futu… I mean, HNDRXX, it eventually morphs into a hard-ass jam that features menacing trap production and gritty bars from Nardo, Lil Baby, and Future. On the real, I can see this track getting clubs to go stupid



2. Krazy Krazy

In my opinion, “Krazy Krazy” is the best track on the deluxe.

One thing that I don’t love about the deluxe version of this album is that Nardo Wick sounds pretty dull throughout it. In “Krazy Krazy,” he turns his decibel level up a little. Since the beat boasts a feverish tempo, you get fast-paced flows and somewhat exhilarating deliveries out of Wick. As for lyrically, he comes across as a carefree scoundrel that is down to meet thots and opps at their respective addys.



1. Who Want Smoke???

I mean, we all know why we pressed play on this album…

If Nardo Wick, G-HerboLil Durk, and 21 Savage say that they want smoke with you, you better cop pleas. Matter of fact, all four of them are fighting serious cases as we speak. With that being said, I am happy to confirm that most of the words that you hear in “Who Want Smoke???” sound scarily authentic.

I hid under the bed while I was listening to “Who Want Smoke???.” The song features a very menacing beat, scary-ass rap deliveries, and lyrics that promote revenge killings, the displacement of rats, and porn. What I find hella interesting about the song is that everyone involved in the making of it sounds legit angry as hell. Like, I’m pretty sure Durk, Herbo, and Nardo recorded their verses while staring at their opps that they hogtied.


*1. Excuse My French (3/5)

*2. Dah Dah DahDah (2/5)

*3. Demon Mode (2/5)

*4. Fan Hoes (3/5)

*5. Lovey Dovey (2/5)

*6. No Game (2/5)

*7. Burning Up (3/5) (Ft. The Kid LAROI)

*8. Ceiling Fan Crew (2/5)

*9. Baby Wyd (3/5)

*10. Krazy Krazy (4/5)

*11. Riot (3/5)

*12. Gotham City (2/5)

13. Wickman (3/5)

14. Alright (2/5)

15. Chop Chop (3/5)

16. Blam Boom (3/5)

17. Me Or Sum (4/5)

18. Play With Me (3/5)

19. Lullaby (3/5)

20. Power (3/5)

21. Who Want Smoke??? (4/5)

22. Why (2/5)

23. Alley Cat (3/5)

24. Wicked Witch (3/5)

25. Wicked Freestyle (3/5)

26. Baby Wyd (3/5)

27. Poppin Out (2/5)

28. Bad Boy (2/5)

29. Shhh (3/5)

30. Rich Maniac (3/5)




I’m a nerd. Whenever I listen to dark hip-hop albums like Who Is Nardo Wick?, I try to enter the mind of the artist. What I can tell you is this about Nardo Wick: He is a gangsta-ass rapper that is obsessed with his gun, violence, his gun, gaining respect, his gun, and probably knives. Matter of fact, Nardo sounds so obsessed with everything that I just mentioned, it doesn’t even sound like he’s interested in rapping (There’s absolutely nothing dynamic about his rapping style).

So what does Nardo Wick do very well? Pick beats. I would give the production on this album an A. Every single beat knocks more than Jehovah’s Witnesses and features these cool-ass dark/eery vibes (I’m a huge horror movie fan, so you know I f**k with the beats on this album). I also think that he is solid at creating catchy hooks and elite at making manmade sound effects (This dude is a beast when it comes to onomatopeias).

Do you know what this album kind of reminds me of? 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode 1 album. Just like the old 21, Nardo comes across as this dark, demented, and troubled rapper that knows how to make riveting gangsta rap music that is both disturbing and hard to put down. I hope Nardo eventually becomes what 21 has become in the next couple of years (He just needs to stay out of trouble).

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