Will Lyle

“LA Source Codes” is Will Lyle’s debut jazz album.

Will Lyle is an upright and electric bassist, bandleader, composer, arranger, and producer from Orange County, California. What I love about him is that he has a knack for making irresistible jazz music. Throughout the years, Will has worked with highly-regarded musicians such as Billy Kilson, Jon Mayer, Ralph Peterson, Bob Sheppard, Ralph Moore, and plenty more. In May, Will released his debut jazz album LA Source Codes.


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LA Source Codes is the definition of a masterful jazz project. The album features Incredible melodies, therapeutic vibes, and captivating solos.  Personally, what I love about the project is that it features so many different styles of jazz, which keeps listeners on their toes at all times. Will Lyle’s ability to inspire and lead is put on full display on this album, as he proves to the world that his future is as bright as it gets.

Listen to LA Source Codes below.