I heard the line “sun beamin” and knew this album was gonna fucking slap.





“WUSYANAME” is the sweetest song Tyler has ever dropped.

This may just be the most innocent song I have ever heard from Tyler, the Creator. Staying true to himself, the track opens with the absolutely absurd pick-up line, “Aw, you look malnourished/Let’s get some bread, fry the egg yolk, and drown it in syrup.” The change from how Tyler talks about women in Goblin to here is nothing less than drastic.

We knew that Ty Dolla $ign would shine over the 90s style R&B instrumental that powers this song, but no one could’ve predicted that YoungBoy Never Broke Again would kill s**t.




Tyler flexes in more than one way in this sick-ass track.

Tyler released this track about a week before the album dropped, and of all the songs on the album, he couldn’t have picked a better one as a first single. If anyone thought that Tyler had gone soft after IGOR, then they are in for a shock, as we get an abrasive beat that is much more reminiscent of pre-Cherry Bomb Tyler, the Creator.

“LUMBERJACK” is a straight flex on all of Tyler’s haters as he flaunts both his riches and successes throughout. This song makes it on the top five because, in just two songs, we get “MASSA” where Tyler talks about how all the riches in the world aren’t what makes him happy.




Once you get banned from three countries, being canceled on Twitter really isn’t that big of a deal. 

Tyler goes into the nitty-gritty of his past and how he has grown from it, but more than that, he talks about the Black Lives Matter movement and protests during the summer of 2020 (and now). Lines like, “Lil white bitch gon’ say “you need to say something about that. You need to say something ’bout black- Bitch suck my-” lets you know just who’s been pressuring Tyler about speaking up. Tyler doesn’t give a shit if Twitter cancels him because he’s had many protests at his shows back in the day. If Tyler is gonna say something, then he is gonna say something “with his chest out.” “MANIFESTO” not only has a killer beat and an exciting collab with Domo Genesis, but it once again gets real introspective with Tyler’s own personal struggles.




Man, relationships are hard.

“WILSHIRE” clocks in as the second-longest track on the album at just under nine minutes. This song looks into Tyler’s struggles with relationships. He tells a story about a relationship he had with a girl who already has a boyfriend. The song tells the story in full as it starts with how he “knew it was something” the day he met her and ends with him calling her up because he didn’t want them to end on bad terms. The way Tyler tackles this love song is reminiscent of Flower Boy; both in sound and with its deeply personal details that keep it from being something that a more general audience can relate to like in IGOR.




 Oh. Tyler is rapping again and he is hitting us with BARS!

I coulda spent this whole post talking about just this song. This song goes hard; from the instrumentals (Don’t think that I missed that DOOM sample) to the lyrics. Hands down, “MASSA” is my favorite song this year. With Wolf-like sounds, we surpass Flower Boy level introspection and delve into how all the riches and fame in the world mean nothing without love, family, and friends. The song is basically an autobiography. “I paint full pictures of my perspective on these drum breaks just for you to tell me, “It’s no good” from your lunch break.” The line I just mentioned brings the song to a close with one of the hardest bars Tyler puts in this album.



2 CORSO (5/5)





7 MASSA (5/5)

8 RUNITUP (5/5)



11 MOMMA TALK (4/5)

12 RISE! (4/5)

13 BLESSED (4/5)


15 WILSHIRE (5/5)

16 SAFARI (4/5)



It’s been two years since Tyler the Creator’s last album and he came back better than ever. Tyler returns to his hard rap sounds,  but the growth as a person that Tyler has been through since the release of Goblin in 2011 brings this album to a whole other level. He even brings in a new persona for this album, Tyler Baudelaire.

Throughout the album, Tyler explores everything from his sexuality to his fame to his relationship with his mom. Each song blends together to create a seamless album (Especially instrumentally) from start to finish. The lyrics and story of the album are more chaotic and less fluid, as they seem to jump around from topic to topic, but this doesn’t take away from the album; instead, it fits with how Tyler is feeling. The album is nothing short of genius. Call Me If You Get Lost has made its way into one of my favorite Tyler the Creator albums. There simply isn’t a song that I don’t fuck with. Tyler the Creator’s new persona is like a blend of his Goblin and Flower Boy eras. With each new release over the years, he continues to experiment and push himself in his art and musical expression and we get to benefit from it with this dope-ass album that is filled with nothing but bangers.

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