Tyler, The Creator

Ain’t no way in hell Tyler is sorry about anything.

Since we can all agree that Call Me If You Get Lost is one of the finest hip-hop albums of all time, it’s not far-fetched to think that the deluxe version of the album could be just as impressive, right? Therefore, I think Tyler, the Creator has a chance at making the greatest deluxe project of all time. Today, he decided to hype folks up by releasing another single off it: “SORRY NOT SORRY.”



In “SORRY NOT SORRY,” Tyler, The Creator apologizes (I’m still trying to figure out if he’s being sarcastic) to the ladies (And men) that he led on, his mother, his ancestors, and his critics. Throughout the song, which features this soothing, soulful, and old-school-sounding beat, Tyler switches between sounding limp, untamed, and evil. I would say he comes across as bipolar, but I think that word only applies to someone with two personalities…

Give “SORRY NOT SORRY” a shot below.

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