Denard Kendricks


Attention to detail is what separates the big dogs from the rest of the pack!

Denard Kendricks refers to himself as a “seasoned hip-hop artist bringing you luxury, chill vibes to get you through the day.” I actually agree with that self-assessment, as, in his latest EP, City Lights, he blesses us with sounds that will make your heartburn symptoms go away. One of the highlights off of the three-track project is the very smooth “Expressway Flow.”



Denard Kendricks uses “Expressway Flow” to take us back to the late 90s and early 2000s — a time when songs were frequently spiced up with several different elements that work well together. The vocal additions, the guitars, and the different instruments he weaved in with the beat make the song a more inviting listen. I actually couldn’t get enough of it. Denard Kendricks’ flow remains the same throughout, which gives the beat the freedom to be funkier. For that reason, his flow and the beat complement each other very well. I’ll stop singing his praises (for the moment) and let you decide how good this song is for yourself.

Spice up the rest of your day with “Expressway Flow.” Also, check out the rest of Denard Kendricks’ discography on all major streaming platforms.





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