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BIG30 & Yo Gotti

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BIG30 is more than just a chorus killer, folks.

As I think about it, why wasn’t BIG30 on the XXL freshman list? He’s had a pretty decent 2021 so far. Today, the Memphis rapper decided to release “Too Official,” a banger that is tougher than a dude playing basketball on a bum knee.



If you are squeamish, I recommend that you don’t press play on “Too Official.” For about 80% of the song, BIG30 and Yo Gotti talk about shooting folks up. For the other 20%, they talk about bossing up and putting on for their city. While both rappers sound gassed up in the song, let me be more specific: BIG30 sounds like a gassed-up shooter and Gotti sounds like a gassed-up shot caller.

Listen to “Too Official” below.

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