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YNW Melly & Queen Naija


If YNW Melly is going to keep dropping songs like this, I’m going to call him a singer.

If YNW Melly wasn’t locked up, I think he would be one of the biggest artists in the game today. While “Pieces,” his latest single, isn’t his best showing, it does at least show the world how versatile he is.



“Pieces” sounds like some s**t that Ciara would make. It features an instrumental that makes me want to breakdance like s**t, lovey-dovey lyrics, tons of passion, and even synchronized singing between YNW Melly and Queen Naija. As I stated in the first paragraph, I am not a major fan of the song, but I do think that it can get folks to watch Bring It On again.

Listen to “Pieces” below.

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