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Jennifer Lopez & Rauw Alejandro

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Ben Affleck is a very lucky man… Again (How the hell do you get this lucky twice?).

As of late, Jennifer Lopez has been in the news for reasons that only Tinder users can understand. Today, she’s actually in the news for her music! Under all of our noses, the “Jenny On The Block” singer decided to release “Cambia El Paso,” a track that I think perfectly describes her newly single status.



I’m going to Tampa in a few weeks. When I get there, I want to hear “Cambia El Paso” over and over again. This reggaeton-inspired track is bouncy, high-octane, catchy, and sensual as f**k. While listening to the song, I hyperextended my knee trying to do a Spanish twerk (I need to leave ass-shaking to young people).

I wonder if J-Lo is checking her DMs these days (I may have to shoot my dusty-ass shot).

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