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Somebody needs to kidnap Russ’ mic.

Russ’ f**king work ethic is amazing. In the last couple of months, he has blessed us with so many new tracks. I’m starting to think that Russ has no life. Today, the Atlanta-based rapper decided to release “Nothin I Won’t Do,” a track that will make an insecure chick feel secure.



“Nothin I Won’t Do” is the most adorable rap track I’ve heard since “Foldin Clothes” by J. Cole. The song features a nurturing instrumental, nurturing melodies, gentle vocals, and lyrics that will let Russ’ chick know that he’s going to do everything to make her feel safe, appreciated, and properly sexed. While folks in the bando might throw up listening to the song, those of you that are happily married will love it!

Listen to “Nothin I Won’t Do” below.

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