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Soulja Boy & Rich The Kid

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I would definitely watch a TV show that stars both Soulja Boy and Rich The Kid.

These days, Soulja Boy is like Giannis in the paint: He hardly misses. A few weeks ago, he dropped “Rick N Morty,” a song that a lot of people f**k with. Today, a remix to the blazing hot song that features the great Rich The Kid (Great according to Kevin Huerter) has hit streaming services.



“Rick N Morty” features a beat that will turn day parties in DC up, a hook that straddles the line between annoying and catchy, and a very subdued but braggadocios verse by Soulja Boy. What Rich The Kid plugs into this remix is slippery flows and lyrics that will remind you that he is one of the most unassumming bosses in the game.

I wouldn’t mind hearing “Rick N Morty” at a club full of drunk people.

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