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“Waking Up In Nashville” By OLYA K Oozes Old-School Rock Vibes

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They simply don’t make songs like “Waking Up In Nashville” anymore.

OLYA K is a singer/songwriter that has a brightness to her that is very infectious. One thing that sticks out to me about her is that she is someone that is willing to experiment with a bunch of different sounds. During OLYA’s journey to music success, she has made stops in Bulgaria, Chicago, Nashville, and Los Angeles. In her latest release, she returns to a place that is dear to her heart.



In this updated version of “Waking Up In Nashville,” OLYA K relies on the invigorating and captivating style of vintage rock-n-roll. The song is powered by an instrumental that is jam-packed with electrifying guitar play and great drum patterns. As for OLYA K, she talks about indulging in the great music, food, and vibes that Tennessee has to offer, blessing us with a spirited vocal performance in the process. By the time you are finished listening to the track, you will probably start looking for flights to the home of rock-n-roll and country music!

You have to listen to “Waking Up In Nashville” below.





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