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A mesmerizing electro-pop track that will inspire you to soar into the sky.

Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist Izza is a singer, songwriter, and producer who credits her California upbringing as an inspiration for her unique style. Izza describes her music as a mixture of “gritty pop sounds and unapologetic lyrics” that explores the contrasting balance between the real and the fantastical. Her latest release is the luxurious and electrifying single “LAX to JFK.” According to Izza, her new song is about “feeling disconnected from my friends.”



The single explores the negatives of living in a world obsessed with materialism, fame, and drama. While reflecting on the darker side of things might not seem super uplifting, Izza’s rich vocals more than make up for the moody subject. Her voice feels ultra-relaxing and has a gorgeously haunting quality that only makes her reminiscing on being “better off in the sky” feel that much more captivating. So if you’re looking for music to help inspire your own contemplation, let “LAX to JFK” help lift you up into the clouds.

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