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Funk Flex, King Von & Polo G

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“Lurkin” is one of the tracks that I can confidently say that King Von was fully aware of before he tragically passed away.

Honestly, the first time I heard “Lurkin,” I was blown away by the poise, the charisma, and the grit that King Von showed in the song. Today, a remix to “Lurkin” that features one of Chicago’s most promising rappers, Polo G, has hit streaming services.



It didn’t matter what Polo G did on this remix to “Lurkin,” there was no way in hell that he was going to top what King Von was able to do on the original version of the song. I will say this, though: Polo G adds a different kind of energy to the track; an energy that focuses more so on making it out of the gutter and embracing a lifestyle that is full of violence. At the end of the day, Polo does a great job of playing Von’s sidekick on the track.

Listen to “Lurkin (Remix)” below.

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