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Elle Baez

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Dance along to the beat with disco queen Elle Baez.

Indie singer and songwriter Elle Baez is back with her latest striking pop single “Better With You.” Known for promoting body positivity, the Latina artist absolutely shines while showcasing empowerment in her delightfully nostalgic 70s style music video for her newest release. According to Baez, her songs are always reflective of personal experiences, and energetic “Better With You” is no exception.

This new track is all about being confident enough to speak your mind. While Baez’s catchy lyrics remind you to get your feelings out and always follow your heart, the energic dance-ready beats will get you grooving in no time. You definitely want to experience Baez’s fierce performance as a disco queen in the accompanying visuals. There’s adorable, fun-loving goodness to see in this 70s style classroom as Baez works up the courage to connect with her crush. Check out “Better With You” and release your own inner disco dancer.

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